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Know Your No Drone Zones

With the rising popularity of drones, the United States Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is currently working on regulations to detail the where, when, and why of drones. We wrote about the registration process for commercial and private drone pilots last year. The FAA’s registration website is now more user friendly, and they’ve launched a promotional campaign to help pilots […]

India Votes for Net Neutrality (Against Facebook’s Free Basics)

India’s Telecom Regulatory Authority voted to preserve net neutrality in India. That is, telecom providers will not be able to provide enhanced access to certain websites (or slower access to others). The authority ruled that online activities should be chosen by the user, not the Internet Service Provider (ISP). This ruling bans Facebook’s “free Internet,” […]

IRS Hacked Through “Get Transcript” Website

If you have ever used the IRS’s Get Transcript website to access your old tax returns, your personal information may have fallen into the hands of hackers. From February to May, Russian hackers used information obtained from another third-party site to steal past transcripts and file fraudulent returns under the names of taxpayers. Hackers used sensitive […]

FAA Proposes Commercial Drone Regulations

The FAA recently released their proposals for commercial drone regulation. Once put in place, these laws would dictate how corporations can use drones. The proposed regulations would limit drone activity to the operator’s line of sight. Drones would have to yield to anyone else in the airspace, and would not be allowed to fly directly […]

Net Neutrality Win: FCC Chair Wants to Regulate Internet as Utility

If you posted comments to the FCC website a few months ago asking to protect net neutrality – that is, the idea that all Internet traffic has to be served at the same speed, without priority for certain content – then congratulations. The FCC Chair, Tom Wheeler, recently submitted his recommendation to the FCC that […]

September 10th is Internet Slowdown Day

Slowly (thanks to cable monopolies) but surely (thanks to consumer demand), the Internet is getting faster. That will change on Wednesday, when some of the most popular sites on the Internet like Reddit and Kickstarter will display symbolic loading icons to represent how glacial sites could get if Net Neutrality becomes a thing of the […]

The Biggest Players Want Net Neutrality

Today the Internet Association, comprised of the biggest Internet companies, submitted their formal comments to the FCC on net neutrality. Their comments can be viewed here: These companies – including Google, Amazon, Netflix, Facebook, Twitter, eBay, reddit, and more – have officially signed on to the position that all Internet traffic should be treated […]