A new mobile operating system from Mozilla enters the scene!

The makers of the popular Firefox browser entered the smartphone arena yesterday with a new Firefox mobile operating system. The operating system will be open source, which appeals to developers. There are already quite a few apps for it, including the most-used types of apps for maps, Facebook, and Twitter.

Firefox OS is currently available on two phones which are being sold in Spain at a $3.00 a month price. The phones are being marketed in cost-conscious international markets, and particularly to first-time smartphone owners. There is currently no date set for a US release.

Firefox OS
Firefox OS

The primary appeal of Firefox OS is its openness. It’s designed to be built and added to by its user community. There’s no central giant like Apple or Google behind it. In a world where big companies seem to be controlling more and more of your data, that may be a very appealing feature indeed.

By Sharon Campbell

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