The Last USB Port Is Coming

The newest USB port is called USB-C, and it should be the last time you’ll ever have to change the way you plug in electronics.

Image result for usb c

Advantages of USB-C include:

  • It’s symmetrical, meaning you won’t have to fumble to get the plug the right way up
  • It works for power and data transfer, meaning you can use the same port to charge your tablet or connect it to headphones, a mouse, a camera, etc.
  • Apple caved, and is making the Thunderbolt cable use the same port shape (no more hunting around for special cables for your monitor or your Macbook!)
  • USB-IF, the nonprofit organization for USB standards, has created a logo for devices that meet their quality and specifications

Image result for certified usb

Make sure your USB devices follow these international standards, and look forward to carrying just one type of cable for your electronics.

By Sharon Campbell

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