A $22,000 Tablet

Microsoft’s Surface Hub costs $21,999 and delivers 84″ of touchscreen.

The idea? Use the Hub as an all-in-one video conferencing, white boarding, and presentation device for business meetings.

Whiteboarding on the Surface Hub
Whiteboarding on the Surface Hub

Video conferencing:

You can connect up to 250 people for large conference calls or video presentations. The Hub features two eye-height cameras, so the people calling in have a great view of the presenters. The screen is so large that callers look nearly life-sized!

White boarding:

Ever more popular in programming, design, and other fields, white boarding allows meeting members to collaborate by sketching. The Hub allows three people to sketch at once, and offers basic image editing options in addition to an infinite canvas (just keep scrolling). Save the images when you’re done and email them to the team.


You won’t miss any of the functionality of the conference room TV: you can connect with the Hub wirelessly over Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or NFC, or using a cable over ethernet. Deliver your presentation to team members in the room and remote employees by sharing it to the big screen.

By Sharon Campbell

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