Microsoft Announces Surface Laptop

Clocking in at just 2.76 pounds with a 13.5” display, the new Surface Laptop from Microsoft is clearly designed with portability in mind. The new device is being called Microsoft’s answer to the Macbook Air, but this true laptop boasts many interesting features of its own.


The first thing you notice about the Surface Laptop is how slim it is. It’s not a tablet with a detachable keyboard, like the Surface. The display connects to the keyboard, but opens easily with one hand, thanks to new design that feels like it anchors the laptop to the surface it is sitting on, according to reviewers.

The Surface Laptop also features an aluminum casing in four colors. Its keyboard is coated in soft Alcantara material, which reviewers have likened to warm leather. The material is treated to resist spills and be easy to clean.


The Surface Laptop features a touchscreen, like the Surface, with edge-to-edge display and ultra-thin bezel. Perhaps one of the most important things to know about the laptop, though, is that it is made to run Windows 10S, a new operating system announced last week too. Windows 10S is primarily aimed at the education market, and as such, includes features that may be restrictive to business users. Sign in is faster, but only apps from the Microsoft store can be installed on a device running Windows 10S. This means greater control over what goes on student laptops for educators, but can hamper anyone who wants to use Photoshop or other apps not currently in the Windows store. According to Microsoft, the Surface Laptop has a 14.5-hour battery life when running Windows 10S. You can upgrade to Windows 10 for a fee and have access to all the apps that normally run on Windows.

Other Notes

If you’re an IT professional working for a school, Surface Laptop and Windows 10S are aimed at you. Windows 10S will be available on other, lower-cost devices from manufacturers including Acer, and there is a discount program for the Surface Laptop.

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