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Windows 10 Fall Creators Update Rolls Out

This week, Microsoft rolled out its Fall Creators Update for Windows 10. The update features a number of nice features for personal use, such as increased readiness for virtual reality devices and game security, but here are the major takeaways for businesses: My People: Microsoft now allows you to store favorite contacts in the task […]

Microsoft Announces Surface Laptop

Clocking in at just 2.76 pounds with a 13.5” display, the new Surface Laptop from Microsoft is clearly designed with portability in mind. The new device is being called Microsoft’s answer to the Macbook Air, but this true laptop boasts many interesting features of its own. Design The first thing you notice about the Surface […]

Microsoft Azure adds security features for Internet of Things

Microsoft Azure just added an IP address filtering feature to its IoT Hub. IoT stands for Internet of Things and refers to devices like cameras, routers, and smart thermostats. This update comes at an opportune moment, sandwiched between an unprecedented hack using Internet of Things devices, and the holiday gift-giving season which will likely flood […]

Preview Microsoft’s Paint 3D

Microsoft Paint is getting an update. With Paint 3D, Microsoft will likely give many people their first entry-level 3D modeling experience. While it won’t replace high-end graphics software, many users will feel more comfortable learning the basics of 3D with the kind of approachable, simple program that Paint 3D promises to be. It uses basic tools […]

Big Hardware Announcements from Microsoft and Apple

Last week, both Microsoft and Apple rolled out new hardware and software that could reshape the way we use their products. Two hardware announcements stood out to experts: Microsoft Surface Studio The company’s first all-in-one PC, Surface Studio features a 28-inch screen and what Microsoft says is the thinnest screen in the world. It features a touch screen […]

Save Yourself a Headache and Create a Windows 10 Restore Point Right Now

Do yourself a favor that will make Future You extremely grateful: create a system restore point for your Windows 10 desktop. Search for “restore point” in the Start menu Open the “Create a restore point” option Select your (C:) (System) drive Click “Configure” Select “Turn on system protection” Click “OK” Click “Create” Wait for a […]

A $22,000 Tablet

Microsoft’s Surface Hub costs $21,999 and delivers 84″ of touchscreen. The idea? Use the Hub as an all-in-one video conferencing, white boarding, and presentation device for business meetings. Video conferencing: You can connect up to 250 people for large conference calls or video presentations. The Hub features two eye-height cameras, so the people calling in have […]