Backup your data with Mozy

Among PC World’s top 25 small business applications for this month, Mozy came first in the backup and recovery field. Backing up your data on one or more of your hard drives is essential; but what happens if they fail for some reason? Mozy is an online backup service that lets you easily backup your files to its servers.

Mozy is considered an affordable and a secure solution for everybody to backup their data. The service is available for both businesses and individuals. MozyPro is a business solution that offers some good features at a relatively small price. Backup could be automatic (backup is done whenever the pc is not use) or scheduled. You can also control how much of your upload bandwidth is used by Mozy.

Mozy has support for Windows XP and Vista as well as Windows 2003 and Windows 2000 servers. It also has the ability to backup networked or mapped drives. You can learn more about the service at


By Yara Omar, Janus Networks

You can contact the author at

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