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How to Snag Your Mobile Customers

Is your business ready for zigzagging?  Welcome to the novel term for how consumers find and buy products and services.  Your potential customers meander through devices and platforms to make a purchase. It’s a sure bet, many of those customers are on a smartphone. If your business is not mobile friendly, those customers will zig […]

Make A Video Boost Your Sales

Your marketing director asks to expand her budget to hire a film crew. Since your company is a specialty food retailer, you wonder if your marketing director has gone a little mad. She’s not crazy just utilizing another tool in her marketing arsenal. The video is one of the most popular types of content across […]

Attract Money to Fund Your Amazing Product

Your company’s product launch gives you nightmares about presenting to VC’s with long sharp teeth. Weak pitch results in a painful bite and no financing to bring your baby to market. Your business development department waffles on the projected sales estimates. Your engineers argue about the final design. There must be a better way to […]

It Will Take More Than a Great Product for Microsoft to Gain in Search

Several information blogs reported last week that Microsoft’s new search engine, possibly named Kumo, could debut as early as this week at the All Things Digital conference. Microsoft has been trying to gain more of a voice in the search market for some years and has purchased several search technologies. However, this is the first […]

The Future of the Web: It is All About Usability

by Mielle Sullivan, Janus Networks Last week I found out about Vysr’s Firefox extension RoamAbout and it made me excited. Why? Because finally I discovered a highly-customizable toolbar to bring me the best of the internet whatever site I am on. RoamAbout widgets are mini windows to the web. RomAbout, is a vertical “shelf” that […]

The Cloud Is Safer Than You Think

by Mielle Sullivan, Janus Networks When you think of cloud computing you probably think of millions of devices, many of them wireless, communicating and spreading information around the globe. If you are more pictorially minded, you might think of a huge cloud of information that can be accessed from anywhere. Both images bring to mind […]

Backup your data with Mozy

Among PC World’s top 25 small business applications for this month, Mozy came first in the backup and recovery field. Backing up your data on one or more of your hard drives is essential; but what happens if they fail for some reason? Mozy is an online backup service that lets you easily backup your […]