Surviving a Breach by Forging a Path

Guide Your Business

In a previous blog, How to Keep Out the Bandit,, we discussed how small and medium businesses attract hackers, too.  Studies show over 50% of attacks aim for companies with less than 100 employees.

That’s a scary thought for a small to medium business. Hacks send your public relations into a downward spiral and cost thousands to fix. Your company may not survive.

How can you increase your enterprise’s chances of survival in the aftermath of a breach? Plan for it. Have a breach response and contingency plan at the ready.

These plans map out your computer network including offsite locations. Include contact information for specialists in handling events such as attorneys, and IT forensic experts. Don’t make these plans and neglect them, update them once a year.

If the attack shuts down your network, have a way to contact your current customers and continue to make sales in another manner. Even if that means getting out a pen, paper and using carbon copies. Decide how to execute and keep updating the execution plan yearly.

Take out some insurance. Cyber insurance is available from many major carriers. It needs to cover costs for forensic experts, customer outreach, legal fees and lawsuits, and customer credit monitoring.

Be familiar with your state laws on reporting breaches, and take it into account in your planning. It’s best to let your customers know as soon as possible. Planning and communication allow you the best chance to overcome this unpleasant situation.

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