A few highlights from CES 2023 from the weird to the familiar that may help your business.

CES 2023, the consumer electronics show, ended on January 8, more prominent than ever, with a theme for the first time, How technology is addressing the world’s challenges. Did it feature any technology relevant to your business? Here are a few highlights from the weird to the familiar.

Does your parking lot lack charge stations for EVs? Parky, the robot, will fix that problem. This autonomous robot brings the charge station to your parking spot.

Getting tired of Zoom and want to feel all the attendees, even remote ones, are all around the table? Wehead from Zero Distance will give you that feeling. Wehead works with most computer or smartphone webcams.

Several companies debuted remarkable sensor products this year. Elliptic Labs announced its AI Virtual Distance Sensor. Devices loaded with this software ( no hardware ) can effortlessly be identified and connected to a control system. Bosch Sensortec introduced their latest sensors for better wearing, hearing, and air quality measurement.

How do you measure indoor air quality as good or bad? With the world’s most miniature particulate matter sensor designed to work with wearable and IoT devices.

The blue light emitted from our devices may cause damage to our eyes. Eyesafe and BenQ introduced the DTX monitor at the show, receiving an Innovation Award. The monitors incorporate protection from blue light without any color distortion and decreased toxicity. Eyesafe DTX technology can be integrated easily by all display manufacturers.

The one thing you could see everywhere at the show? Portable batteries of all types. The options expanded to advanced solid-state batteries and wireless charging ports, starting at mobile power stations that power small electric and USB devices.

Author: Kris Keppeler is a writer who finds technology fascinating and loves humor. She writes on Medium.com, and for Women of Wisdom. An award-winning podcast producer who enjoys telling funny stories. Follow her on Twitter @KrisNarrates or on LinkedIn.

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