The way to decommission routers securely in an environmentally friendly way without risking your sensitive data

Your old routers are on their way out. You feel good about recycling them as used equipment. Is any of your business data getting recycled with them?

How reputable is the company decommissioning them? Sloppy decommissioning leaves your sensitive data, including passwords, open to misuse. Is it unlikely to happen?

According to a recent whitepaper, a security researcher going through used business routers found passwords, network locations, and ways to access the network. They identified the network’s previous owner. So, it’s likely.

How do you prevent your sensitive business data from getting into the wrong hands? There are many ways to remove sensitive data. If you hire a company to decommission and recycle, thoroughly vet their credentials.

They should comply with all data destruction standards within your industry. Once the company completes the process, they should provide you with documents certifying destruction. Keep those documents on hand in case things go awry.

Deleting or reformatting data files isn’t the way to remove sensitive data because it doesn’t destroy it. Wiping, overwriting, or erasure removes data without destroying the device. The methods for wiping routers vary by the type of router.

If your network administrator or IT specialist wipes your routers, or other devices, for recycling, document how and when completed and keep those records on hand. Be sure you’re compliant with industry standards.

Author: Kris Keppeler is a writer who finds technology fascinating and loves humor. She writes on, and for Women of Wisdom. An award-winning podcast producer who enjoys telling funny stories. Follow her on Twitter @KrisNarrates or on LinkedIn.

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