Why the hottest new apps are all about the employee experience

Is your small business struggling with employee engagement and communication since the pandemic? Ready to wave bye to the clunky company Intranet? Welcome to new software called the employee experience app.

If you use Microsoft Teams and Microsoft 365, Microsoft Viva brings company communications, training, and sociability into the Teams environment. Employees don’t need to log into another place to access company news or do research for their job.

Team members can search for content on various job-related topics to do research and build expertise. They can access courses explicitly designed for them. Team and individual goals link back to company goals.

Viva Engage, one of the four modules, resembles a social media platform. Users have a profile page to post pictures, updates, and videos. Leadership Corner allows employees and leadership to interact more often.

Are you looking for a more straightforward app? Take a look at Workvivo. Imagine one place to find documents, people, and apps everyone needs to do their job.

And this place invites social sharing, much like a social media platform such as Facebook. It feels inclusive, and it’s compliant with company policies. Workvivo integrates with tools such as Slack and Zoom.

The social media design means training time is minimal. The top benefits mentioned in reviews are ease of use and the ability to share social and business information.

Are these options not quite what you’re looking for? No problem, here are more with good reviews.

Author: Kris Keppeler is a writer who finds technology fascinating and loves humor. She writes on Medium.com, and for Women of Wisdom. An award-winning podcast producer who enjoys telling funny stories. Follow her on Twitter @KrisNarrates or on LinkedIn.

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