Improve the Impact of Data Visualization with Color


Your business intelligence software should be gathering the data you need your company’s progress, but how do you use that data to tell your success story to investors, executives, and potential clients?

Data visualization is key to showing, not telling, your company’s story, but no matter what type of chart you use it is a graphic at the end of the day. The rules of design still apply—including the psychological impact of color.

You want to choose colors that evoke the intended emotional response from viewers—orange, yellow, and red can trigger feelings of excitement, joy, or passion, while blue is more serene.

Also consider the makeup of your audience. Men and women can respond to color differently. The type of product you’re supporting can be equated with different colors (green for environmental products for example).

Make sure to test a draft of the visualization on an unbiased party for the emotional response it could create.



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