Benefits of Flying Your Company to a Cloud

Efficiency and Flexibility

Your IT manager requires another employee and two new servers in the budget for next year. Your company grew by 20% this year, and your IT department scrambles every day to keep up.

Your sales department complains about the software downtime caused by a server malfunction. Customer service sat at their desks twiddling their thumbs for 3 hours. Customers are angry and orders lost.

Your company needs a cloud. Cloud computing saves your company hardware, maintenance, headcount, and your employees’ sanity.

Collaboration increases as tools allow multiple employees to access files and comment on them. Keeping track of project-related records and progress on them is a snap.

Employees who need to see a document now access it immediately on whatever device they have at hand. This flexibility allows you and your employees to access information when and how you need it. Efficiently and securely with fewer constraints.

Your accounting department insists Count Your Pennies in the Cloud handle their software.  No problem. Multiple cloud providers still allow for all the advantages above.

Your data security increases. Access to confidential files controlled by managers. Data backed up off-site. Less chance of hackers and viruses to kidnap your network.

Give your IT manager a break. Talk to him about finding the right cloud and not more space for servers.

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