How to Snag Your Mobile Customers

Catch your Customer on the Run

Is your business ready for zigzagging?  Welcome to the novel term for how consumers find and buy products and services.  Your potential customers meander through devices and platforms to make a purchase.

It’s a sure bet, many of those customers are on a smartphone. If your business is not mobile friendly, those customers will zig while you zag.

It’s easy to help customers meander to your door. First, your website must be mobile friendly. If your site hasn’t been updated in 5 years or so, now is the time.

Focus on your ideal customer and the information they require to make a purchase. The majority want pictures, and an increasing number prefer reviews.  Some like to see prices, descriptions, and helpful blogs.

Tap into your local customer base with text or SMS marketing messages. Promote this service on your website and social media. Deliver coupons and other specials right to their phone.

Don’t forget to update your content frequently. Mobile users visit your sites often. Give them a reason to click that buy button.

Consider a mobile payment system, even if you’re a brick and mortar business. Everyone benefits from uncomplicated payments which automatically gather sale information.

A custom app increases sales for many businesses.  There is nothing better than making it easy for your customers to look and purchase with a tap or two on the phone. They will be back for more.

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