How to Block the Cyber-Bandit

How often do your employees open the door for a bandit? More often than you realize even if you’re a small to medium business.

Your salesperson can’t resist clicking on the email from a highly regarded company indicating interest in your product. Except that email isn’t from that prize company, it’s from a cyber bandit.

Your salesperson just opened the door for malware to invade your entire network. Even with informed employees at every level, including your CEO, phishers stay a step ahead. Automatically fend off these attacks by installing anti-malware on all devices and your network.

With all those mobile devices coming into your workplace, your employee can walk in the door accompanied by a cyber criminal. Take precautions by ensuring any mobile device follows protocol on network access.

The best way to keep the bandit out of your workplace is a firewall. An external and internal firewall plus firewalls for any employees working from home.6820131458_287f0cd223_nImage source

Unaware employees are especially susceptible to phishing and other cyber attacks. Don’t rely on Bob to tell Susan to remember not to click on those “prize patrol” emails which regularly arrive in everyone’s inbox.

Document your cyber security policies and provide all employees consistent training in the protocols. Include a robust password change policy which employees understand. They may gripe less and take the issue seriously.

It’s not difficult to keep the virtual bandit at bay. Cyber criminals target businesses of all sizes. Reinforce your firewalls, and educate your employees to block the cyber crooks.

This blog written by Kris Keppeler Storyteller, writer, and producer for Janus Networks. Contact Janus Networks for help with your business IT services,





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