Three Facts About 2021 Small Business Trends That Will Make Your Hair Stand on End and Help your Business

Most small businesses look forward to 2021 with hope. Hope to leave the mess of 2020 behind and forge a better future for their business. Ready for some tech trends to build your business back up?

The move toward eCommerce picked up steam in 2020, and it’s not slowing down in 2021. There’s no reason not to hop on the trend. There are robust eCommerce solutions for small businesses.

Shopify offers a system that covers your brick and mortar and online store. Synchronize your online and store sales. Don’t have many products and looking to save a buck? Try Volusion and sell on Facebook, Etsy, and Amazon.

With the virus running around, customers don’t want to touch any more surfaces than necessary. It’s not a surprise touchless payment solutions popularity soared.

Tap to pay with either a contactless credit card, Apple Pay, Google Pay, or Samsung Pay. You must enable the apps on your smartphone to use Apple Pay, Google Pay, or Samsung Pay. The technology doesn’t always work either.

I use a tap to pay with a credit card, and it works about half the time. But I love it when it works.

Some stores, such as Walmart and gas stations, allow payment through their mobile apps. You download the app, create an account, and provide a credit card. The downside? Not all store locations and stations take this touchless payment option.

Expect virtual services demand to remain high. Those businesses offering virtual health and fitness, cybersecurity, telemedicine, and home improvement grew and expanded offerings this year. Is there a service your business can offer virtually?

Author: Kris Keppeler, a writer who finds technology fascinating and loves humor. She writes for Crossing Genres on and Does This Happen to You? on Channillo. Award-winning podcast producer who enjoys telling stories. Follow her @KrisKKAria on Twitter or on LinkedIn.

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