Attract Money to Fund Your Amazing Product

Skip the VC-Attract a Crowd

Your company’s product launch gives you nightmares about presenting to VC’s with long sharp teeth. Weak pitch results in a painful bite and no financing to bring your baby to market.

Your business development department waffles on the projected sales estimates. Your engineers argue about the final design. There must be a better way to bring your product to life.

Crowdfunding your new product solves all these problems. It allows you to raise money, test the market, and settle design issues.

Let’s face it if people are willing to shell out money for perks related to your product. There’s a market out there for your product. The more people, the bigger the market.

The engineers can argue endlessly about the design. Ask your crowdfunding customers what features they desire. They’ll solve the argument.

Your crowd gives you quick feedback on your product. If the product turned up cheap or a feature doesn’t work right, you will hear immediately. Complaints lead to an upgraded product.

Who doesn’t like a low-cost way to test your product market. Your crowd lets you know real soon whether your product is a keeper or a dud for the price of some perks.

Crowdfunding provides an instant contact list of customers. When you ship product, you can upsell accessories or related items to a ready-made pool of enticed customers.

Skip those ferocious VC’s. A well thought out crowdfunding campaign provides information and opportunity in spades.

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