Discover Ways to Grab the Ear of Gen Z Consumers

Gain and Keep Attention

Your Millenials marketing strategy is humming along. In a few years, Gen Z will be close to half of the consumer market. Does your business know how to market to them?

Research shows you only have a few moments to gain and keep their attention. Gen Z lives in the mobile socially connected world. Hopping from one site to another with ease, searching quickly for what they need.

Gen Z wants to know immediately how your product benefits them. Real reviews from real people matter most. They love entertainment but it better not be cheesy.

Express the social good your brand does. Involve them in your message. And don’t ever renege on your brand promise.

Gen Z demands a tech-savvy brand to impress them. For a small business, the technology exists to help your brand look tech-savvy and manage your social media marketing.

Consider Sparkcentral or CX Social to connect quickly with customers. Turn to Leadsift or Custard for leads and website traffic. Looking to overhaul your marketing, give Webimax a go. If you’re a retailer, Snapretail provides a ready-made solution for you.

Solutions to manage your social media business accounts abound. Hootsuite, Sparksfly, Sociota, and Buffer are a few well-known apps.

It’s simple to get your small business ready for the next generation of consumers with some research and a little help from technology.

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