Your company’s product launch gives you nightmares about presenting to VC’s with long sharp teeth. Weak pitch results in a painful bite and no financing to bring your baby to market. Your business development department waffles on the projected sales estimates. Your engineers argue about the final design. There must be a better way to […]

The rapidly changing nature of the web can make it easy to forget that your web presence needs to be periodically updated and optimized for your visitors. Redesigning can’t happen every year, but you can perform an audit on your site to make incremental improvements over time. Here are a few simple things to check […]

I speak of your company’s subject matter expert, not of the pirate in Peter Pan.  They’re pronounced the same, Smee. Unlike the Mr. Smee, your SME is not interested in pirate loot. Your company’s subject matter expert enjoys speaking about the latest innovations, product specifications, and details. Your salespeople relish the customer relationship and negotiation. […]

While the world prepared for the launch of iPhone X, Apple rolled out another useful product this week: an update to iOS 11. Originally launched in September, this iOS upgrade has been updated five times. Though iOS 11.1 is not a major update (that will be iOS 11.2) it does feature some useful fixes and […]

How often do your employees open the door for a bandit? More often than you realize even if you’re a small to medium business. Your salesperson can’t resist clicking on the email from a highly regarded company indicating interest in your product. Except that email isn’t from that prize company, it’s from a cyber bandit. […]

Recent research has brought to light a vulnerability in WPA2, the security certification commonly used alongside WPA. Key reinstallation attacks (KRACK) can bypass WPA2 to access wireless attached devices and gain personal information like passwords and credit card numbers. This can also extract sensitive data that was assumed to be encrypted and inject malware or […]

This week, Microsoft rolled out its Fall Creators Update for Windows 10. The update features a number of nice features for personal use, such as increased readiness for virtual reality devices and game security, but here are the major takeaways for businesses: My People: Microsoft now allows you to store favorite contacts in the task […]