Your Business Assets Dial It In

Analyzer on Right in Drawer

LPWAN or low power wide area network allows the local dumpster to tell the garbage collectors it needs a pickup. The city remains tidy at a low cost as this network sips power across a wide area. Fewer sensors are required nor is high-speed data transfer necessary.

The popularity of this network driven by the IoT or Internet of Things, devices which need connecting but at lower speeds or fewer intervals. The business uses are many, but development is slow. A lack of network standards and security concerns holds implementation back.

Do you know where your $50k analyzer is? Wouldn’t it be nice if it told you it’s sitting in a drawer in the testing lab? Asset tracking is a perfect fit for this type of network.

Sensors on the equipment or asset tag relay location and other information on a schedule you set. Assets such as unfinished goods in your manufacturing center can be subject to tracking in this manner. Any glitches in your supply chain are quickly apparent.

Mining operations are using this network to track and maintain their equipment. And improve the safety of their workforce. Wearables and equipment sensors make this possible.

Miners wear special outfitted helmets and vests connected to the wireless LPWAN. Their environment monitored for dangerous conditions and their location pinpointed in the mine. Sensors on equipment give feedback on maintenance requirements and location.

If your business needs a new way to track assets whether equipment or people, in a simple, cost-effective manner, look into an LPWAN solution.

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