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The Coolest Technology at the 2019 Consumer Electronics Show Involved Burgers and Artificial Intelligence

The quest to make a meatless burger which tastes like real hamburger continues. According to Engadget, Impossible Foods Impossible Burger 2.0 closely replicates the real thing. They named it “The Best of the Best” for CES 2019. The best tech at the show was edible. You will likely see it at your local grocer later […]

Cool New Technology for Business at the Consumer Electronics Show

The 2019 CES, Consumer Electronics Show, in Las Vegas is not only for consumers. It’s a reason for Apple to take a stab at its competitors and there is lots of new technology relevant to small business. Ainstein Building Technologies debut new building automation technology. Their latest smart radar sensors help reduce energy costs and […]

Nifty Technology Gifts for the Hard to Buy For Entrepreneur or Business Associate

Need a holiday gift for a business associate in need of new technology or an entrepreneur on the road half the year? Here are some of the latest tools to brighten their day. For those who do presentation after presentation, projectors have come a long way from those clunky, “require an IT pro to make […]

Now Is An Excellent Time of Year to Replace the Slothful Business Laptop

If your employees complain about their laptops having frozen keys and the processing time of a sloth or they bring their laptops to the office white elephant gift exchange, it’s time. The time of year for budgeting for or gifting new laptops. You need to be specific in your requirements; otherwise, the new laptops will […]

Your Business Assets Dial It In

LPWAN or low power wide area network allows the local dumpster to tell the garbage collectors it needs a pickup. The city remains tidy at a low cost as this network sips power across a wide area. Fewer sensors are required nor is high-speed data transfer necessary. The popularity of this network driven by the […]

ATT Wireless Announces 3G Upgrade, Plans for 4G Evolution

by Mielle Sullivan, Janus Networks American Telephone & Telegraph (ATT) announced last week that big advancements are on the way for its wireless service. By the end of the year, users will have stronger indoor coverage and download speeds twice as fast as what they currently experience. “With the array of smartphones, laptops and emerging […]

Netbooks: The Next Wireless Revolution

by Mielle Sullivan, Janus Networks This week, cell phone provider Verizon confirmed it plans to release its own netbooks this year. Verizon’s decision to move into the computer market is fuelled by two key factors: 1.) the demand for wireless data is growing 2.) most people in the U.S. already own cellphones. I think Verizon […]