Cyber Security Runs with You

Checking Your Funds on the Run

Your sales call completed, you have a few minutes to spare.  You remember that account transfer you needed to make today and recall you left your laptop at the office. As you check your phone, you make a note to consider mobile banking.

Is it safe? How secure can a device you hold in your hand be? As more small businesses take advantage of mobile banking security is keeping up.

Mobile banking allows you to make that transfer right now while you catch a bite at your favorite lunch spot. Enhancing the ability to keep your financial house in order while on the run is the number one reason to use it.

Security concerns center around cellphone malware, app design, and public Wi-Fi. The public Wi-Fi is an easy fix as you just skip mobile banking at a public hotspot. And it’s a good idea to have an anti-virus/malware program installed on your phone anyway.

Banking apps are more secure than using your browser. Adding extra authentication increases the security. Account activity alerts via text or email add another layer of protection.

Registering your phone with your bank allows you to send text messages via codes for transfers and other account transactions. Your bank only accepts instructions from your phone. Good security unless you misplace or loan your phone.

Your iPhone more secure than your associate’s Android phone, right?  Likely as the Apple platform is more controlled than the Android.  But it’s not 100%, malware has wormed its way in already via jailbreaks and uploading unauthorized apps.

Go ahead and check your account balance in between bites. Security sprints along at your pace.

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