Remote Workers Give Your Company A Boost

Remote Working

Your marketing manager requests a more flexible schedule and mentions telecommuting four days a week. Otherwise, she’s going to need a three-week vacation right now in the middle of trade show season.

Ten years ago, this request would have seemed ludicrous. But now close to 50% of the workforce telecommutes on a regular basis. And data shows remote working is successful on many levels.

Technology allows for secure connections. Video conferencing means everyone is visible, whether remote or on site. Web-based meetings are more likely not to drift off topic.

Office space and transportation savings are significant. A worker who telecommutes doesn’t need a bus pass or a parking space in the increasingly crowded and pricey garage.

Your talent pool increases exponentially, including access to disabled workers and international talent. Your business can be at work 24/7 as your workforce is on the job at the time of day best for them.

Remote workers are reported to be at least 20% more productive than their onsite counterparts. The home environment is less of a distraction than onsite co-workers. There’s no cooling off chatter while the commute nightmare wears off.

Employees allowed to telecommute are 50% more likely to stay with the company and not job hop. Younger workers are attracted to flexible work schedules including telecommuting. It’s one of the ways to retain their job services.

The upsides of remote working far exceed any downsides for your business. Increase productivity, decrease expenses and boost job satisfaction. It’s an edge for your company.

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