Win Business by Bringing Value to Your Customer

Listen as they speak

My cell phone broke, in the middle of my gym workout. Inconvenient but it shortened my workout as I count faster than the stopwatch on my phone.

I walked into the store the next day, showed them my old phone’s problem and the rep sent me to the battery store. The battery store took one look at my phone and told me it wasn’t the battery. But the guys behind the counter tried a new battery in it just in case.

My phone remained dead. So, I drove back to the cell phone store, and after about 30 minutes, I left with a phone which fit my budget and my unique wallet case.

The battery store provided value by knowing something about cell phones and trying a battery just in case they were wrong.  They earned my business forever.  I’ve been a loyal customer of the cell phone store but not for much longer.

Your potential customer now comes armed with all the primary information about the product and exactly what they desire. Your business needs to identify what value you add to make the sale. How do you do that?

Research. The web gives you the ability to discover interesting and useful information about your potential customer, their business, and their products. The problems their business faces is at your fingertips.

Search for personal connections in the information even if it’s the weather this spring. Personalized marketing builds trust which leads to a long business relationship. People like to do business with people who understand them.

Listen as they speak about their business problems and what they’ve done to try to solve them. Can you help them solve the problem? That’s where the value lies.

Customers will keep coming back if your business provides value and they will happily pay for it. Competing on price is a losing proposition, someone will always offer goods or services at a lower price. No one can replace the value you bring to your customer.

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