Divide and conquer your customer feedback so you can soothe your complaining customer, fix service problems, and boost revenue.

Your loudly complaining customer may be what you need to enhance your reputation and build up your business. How can you do that when one bad review can result in up to thirty lost customers? Monitor your customer feedback and engage with the complaining and happy customers.

Making an unhappy customer happy leads to a delighted customer. Ask them to change their review or write a glowing one. Most dissatisfied customers don’t complain, so a lack of grumbling doesn’t mean you score 100% in customer satisfaction.

How do you gather essential information from customers? Surveys, interviews, and focus groups work well. Use tools to sniff out reviews and feedback wherever they’re hiding on the web.

A tool such as Brand24 works well for small businesses. Tools like Brand24 give you reports on who said what about your brand, including influencers. Use this data to your advantage.

It’s best to run reports consistently, like monthly, to capture trends or specific items that come up regularly. Focus on your business’s crucial customer experiences areas, such as price, service, and quality. This focus lets you identify where fixes are essential to improving customer service.

You may even identify general business problems that need fixing. Continuing to gather data, scrutinizing the reports, and fixing service issues delivers value to your customers. Happy customers will reward you with an expanding business, good reviews, and an excellent brand reputation.

Author: Kris Keppeler is a writer who finds technology fascinating and loves humor. She writes on Medium.com, and for Women of Wisdom. An award-winning podcast producer who enjoys telling funny stories. Follow her on Twitter @KrisNarrates or on LinkedIn.

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