Why an AI generator, a useful tool, isn’t going to radically change how you do business any time soon.

Everywhere I look, words or pictures generated by AI are in the news. Some people are calm and consider this technology a tool to help them work faster. Others are hyperventilating and certain that AI (artificial intelligence) will soon take all our jobs away.

Who’s right and who’s wrong, and does anyone honestly know? The truth is we’ve been using generative AI for quite a while. I’m using it right now in Grammarly.

I like Grammarly, but what it suggests doesn’t always convey the meaning I want to get across. I’ve tried generative AI for video, and that’s a complete failure unless your videos are short, usually 5 minutes or less. I let a generative AI program rewrite my business services promo, and it did a good job.

Taking what the AI generated and using it without tweaking wasn’t possible. It often misses the point. With my services promo, it simply reconfigured my words.

Are you thinking of producing SEO-optimized content with ChatGPT without editing? Google says that’s against their rules. It’s spammy garbage.

What good is it for your business? Side with the calm people and see it as a tool. A tool to generate ideas for your next sales campaign, a better tagline, a unique blog topic, or make a short video about your business.

What tool is best for your business? ChatGPT is so popular it’s often at capacity. YouChat is a recommended alternative.

If your business produces lots of content, Jasper may be your solution; however, it’s not free. Are you itching to try a video? Consider Pictory or Synthesys.

Author: Kris Keppeler is a writer who finds technology fascinating and loves humor. She writes on Medium.com, and for Women of Wisdom. An award-winning podcast producer who enjoys telling funny stories. Follow her on Twitter @KrisNarrates or on LinkedIn.

One Reply to “Why an AI generator, a useful tool, isn’t going to radically change how you do business any time soon.”

  1. love it
    Great post! It’s interesting to hear about your experiences with generative AI and how it can be a helpful tool but still requires human touch to ensure the message is conveyed correctly. My question is, do you have any specific tips on how to effectively use generative AI for content creation while still maintaining a genuine and unique voice?
    John O’Reilly

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