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Usually Not A Couple, Thin and Enhanced Performance Link Up at CES 2019 in the Computing Section

Let’s take a look at some of the red-hot computer related stuff which showed up at CES 2019. Nvidia real-time ray tracing sets up a revolution in graphics technology. Ray tracing is used in the Marvel films and others. It’s been around for a while but only available to the people who can afford to […]

Now Is An Excellent Time of Year to Replace the Slothful Business Laptop

If your employees complain about their laptops having frozen keys and the processing time of a sloth or they bring their laptops to the office white elephant gift exchange, it’s time. The time of year for budgeting for or gifting new laptops. You need to be specific in your requirements; otherwise, the new laptops will […]

Monitor your PC with Spector Pro 2008

By Yara Omar, Janus Networks Ever wanted to monitor every detail of PC and internet activity made by your children or your employees? SpectorSoft’s Spector Pro 2008 is considered the world’s best selling software for monitoring and recording such activities efficiently and easily. Spector Pro has can take screen snapshots of the computer screen. Snapshots […]