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Microsoft Reaches out to iPhone Users and Developers

Microsoft is promoting a study by a third party research group, Crimson Consulting, that documents how developers can port applications they have developed for the iPhone over to Windows Marketplace for Mobile. Although Microsoft’s rival app store is not scheduled to open until late this year, the company is hoping the study will entice developers […]

It Will Take More Than a Great Product for Microsoft to Gain in Search

Several information blogs reported last week that Microsoft’s new search engine, possibly named Kumo, could debut as early as this week at the All Things Digital conference. Microsoft has been trying to gain more of a voice in the search market for some years and has purchased several search technologies. However, this is the first […]

Windows 7 to Have Touch and Gesture Capabilities

by Mielle Sullivan, Janus Networks By now you have probably heard of Microsoft Surface, the expensive tablet PC that enables the user to manipulate images and interact with applications by touching and tapping the surface–similar to a giant iPhone. But now it is confirmed that Windows 7, set to come out sometime this fall, will […]

Automate your business with Microsoft Office SharePoint Designer 2007

By Yara Omar, Janus Networks SharePoint Designer 2007 is a new Office application from Microsoft, specially made for deploying interactive business solutions on its platform without having to write code. SharePoint Designer lets you do many things. First you can completely automate your business processes and collaboration tasks such as event notifications and document approvals. […]

Imagine the possibilities with Microsoft Live Mesh

By Yara Omar, Janus Networks   Live Mesh is Microsoft’s new all-in-one solution to connect multiple together in a new easy way. Live Mesh makes synchronizing your files across multiple devices an easy task. It also gives you means to access files or even programs from anywhere.   Once you install Live Mesh on each […]