Embrace an App and Amplify your Business

Apps Help Fill the Gap

Roy tells you he’s retiring as his doctor insists he slow down. Panic ensues. Roy runs the administrative side of your business.

Your organization purrs along with Roy in the driver’s seat. No one can replace Roy. How will your business survive?

Your teams rely on Roy to facilitate communication and meetings. Technology provides communication apps, such as Trello and Slack. Your employees talk to each other in one space, so everyone sees the conversation. No endless email strings which Tina loses track of every time.

Accounting and financial apps, such as Expensify and Concur, allow easy tracking of expenses including travel for all your employees. They even link to your accounting software for automatic upload. Bob, your CPA, is going to smile at the end of the year, not frown.

Roy keeps you organized. Personal assistant apps will take over those responsibilities for him. Cortana and Google Now remind you of your meetings, what you wanted to do in the next 5 minutes, and the weather in NYC.

Roy handles all your company spreadsheets and other files. Dropbox does that for you. Not only does it allow employees to share information using many file types, but it also allows sharing with clients and collaborators outside the company.

Last but not least, Roy’s in charge of your customer database. Let an app such as Podio, Odoo or TrackVia take over your CRM (customer relationship management). Most allow multiple users so no more whining from Monica in Sales that her new customer isn’t loaded into the database yet.

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