IoT is not an Iota, it’s a Big Help for your Business

IoT-Slay the Multi-Tasking Monster

You and your business partner attend a free business technology seminar offered by an IT expert. The expert says IoT is fantastic and every business needs to take advantage. You and your partner look at each other and wonder what the heck an IoT is.

We live in a world filled with acronyms for almost everything, and sometimes you need to search for the actual meaning of those pesky letters. IoT stands for Internet of Things, but it’s not that stuff over there near the PC.

The IoT encompasses all the devices and services connected to the Internet. Over 15 billion of them. That expert is right about one thing; they’re beneficial for your business.

Hire a low-cost assistant who never eats lunch like Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa. They take notes and keep you up to date on your calendar.

Use apps to reduce multi-tasking and increase communication between your teams. Slack or Trello aid business communication within your company by eliminating the dreaded multiple emails with no end.

Utilize hardware and services to automate your office. Virtual assistants handle customer service, accounting and other tedious tasks which need doing but don’t bring dollars to your business. Simple, smart sensing systems allow you to lock your office and turn lights off with your smartphone for very little cash.

Do some research to find the best app, assistant, and thingymabob for your business. Put multi-tasking aside and focus on finding and serving your customers. The revenue will follow.

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