Guiding Your Bold Crossing of the Marketing Channels

Promoting Sprinkles across assorted routes

Have you updated your website lately? No, you’re sure potential customers don’t check it that often.  Your business promotes on Facebook.

Better take a look at your metrics. Marketing surveys indicate close to 50% of consumers check for a well-appointed website before considering a purchase.  The majority prefer to read online reviews.

Your customers are not only online, but they may also be standing right in front of you. To capture their attention, you need to market electronically and with a physical presence. That’s a tall order, especially if you’re a small business.

With planning and some apps, it’s achievable. First, keep your brand consistent across all channels. Customers need to recognize your product wherever they shop.

If your message on Facebook says top-notch socks but your business card says fabulous socks, they may be perplexed. They will wonder what the difference between top-notch and fabulous is and hesitate purchasing your socks.

Use channels which compliment each other, like computer/mobile or direct mail with your company URL included. Utilize apps to automate the process which saves you valuable time.

MMS apps deliver promotions directly to your customer’s phone. SMS apps allow messages to go to customers who may not have a phone. It’s a superb way to bring in business.

Geo-targeting apps utilize knowledge of your customer’s location to offer specials to them. These apps do come with privacy concerns but allow businesses to focus on delivering to just the right customer.

Marjorie loves your donuts, it’s mid-morning, and she’s right across the street. There is no better time to send her a message about your donut with extra sprinkles special today.

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