Personalized Marketing Elicits Emails to be Opened

Cat on Computer

The Honorable Esquire Robert Doe just send an email for the 5th time in a row to you.  His client died with millions in the bank, and he’s desperate to give you some of those millions.

Robert may use your first name in the email, but it’s not personalized marketing. It’s just spam. Sending out generic content to your email list won’t draw much attention, either.

Your customers’ desire helpful information and products to solve their immediate problem. If your email content contains useful content, they will always open your email blast. But how to pinpoint the right content?

Utilize your website analytics to adjust your content. Marketing personalization begins at your website and analyzing your visitors. Answering questions such as where did they arrive from and what pages did they visit is crucial.

Putting this data together allows you to produce targeted emails. If your site attracts both dogs and cats, your first page asks, “are you a dog or cat.” You send dogs different content than cats or get scratched.

You realize your customers are more than just dogs or cats. Your base includes yappy dogs, grumpy cats, quiet dogs, and mellow cats. You design distinct content for each type of dog and cat and deliver it only to them.

Deliver emails at the best time for your customers. Five pm works for Duke in Portland Maine but not for Tasha in Moscow.

A little knowledge about your customers improves your open rate exponentially.

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