Artificial Intelligence Is Not Just for Big Business

This Technology is Not Sci-Fi

Your marketing manager schedules a meeting with you to talk about using AI in his marketing plan. You’re not sure how the Terminator can bump your marketing up a notch. But you’re willing to listen.

AI or artificial intelligence is a misnomer in this case. Your marketing guy isn’t talking about machines that walk and talk like a human. He’s referring to machine learning, smart robots, virtual assistants, speech recognition and automated reporting and decision making.

Companies like Amazon, Google, and Microsoft, invest millions in these technologies. There are versions of AI  that can assist your business in budget-conscious ways. Think of the sticking points in your business where automation might speed things up.

Chatbots and voice recognition products can reduce that flood of customer inquiries or support calls to an easily handled trickle. Virtual assistants replace those website forms and menus your customers’ hate. Robots package products and stock warehouses.

This technology is not sci-fi, it’s available today.  Companies like Digital Genius use SMS (short message service) to facilitate customer service without human intervention.

Acquisio automates your digital marketing. All your digital advertising on one dashboard. Monkey Learn analyzes your text data to improve sales and marketing workflow.

That marketing data which is two months late and unclear will now take only a week. The program slices, dices, and provides crystal clear insights you can utilize next week at an affordable cost.

AI is not the future of business; it’s how business is getting done quickly today.

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