The Ways A Webinar Stimulates Your Business

Paying Dividends

Wishing for a sales tool which automates getting the word out about your new product? Need a way to collect good leads quickly? An old technology, the webinar, offers small business simple ways to jump-start the sales process.

It’s never been easier to assemble a webinar and continue to use it to grow your business. The recorded webinar provides super content, equipped for marketing your business on social media. Adding the content to your website builds SEO and the company reputation.

Worried about gathering an audience for your webinar? Marketing automation systems, such as Marketo, make attracting and signing up attendees easy. Webinars showcase your brand and expertise, a great way to attract customers.

Webinars also act as educational tools for current customers. Customers you want to keep. What better way to provide support and education to all of them. A happy customer keeps coming back and you solidify your brand and expertise.

There is no need to spend big bucks on a product launch at a pricey hotel. Virtual events allow you to spend a few dollars to showcase your newest release. Companies such as INXPO provide the platform, bring your product and expertise.

Last but not least, webinars provide an excellent way to train remote employees or employees at multiple locations. All employees get the same information, in one place.

Pull together a webinar today; the content keeps paying dividends long after it’s ended.


Author: Kris Keppeler, a writer for Crossing Genres on, and Does This Happen to You? on Channillo. Award winning podcast producer. Follow her @KrisKKAria on Twitter or on LinkedIn.

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