Pitching Your Business in a Social Way

Pitching Connection

Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or Pinterest, which one to choose? So many choices and so little time.  It’s a nightmare.

Your advertising budget is small, and you need a first-rate ROI. Do you know where your customers are socializing? Head on over to two of the platforms where your customers hang out and dip in your toe.

Develop neighborly but informative content which relates to your business products and services. Intrigue your potential customer and draw them into your story. Give them a preferred way to contact your company.

Got content but agonizing over it, visit your competitors. Peruse the good, the bad and the ugly of their content. Likes and comments give you a clue as to what works.

If you’re stumbling in the wilderness of content, hire a freelance writer to help. Contract with a writer whose prose you admire. They will guide you out by creating content you and your customers enjoy.

People love visual, so spice up your content with an image. Images attract potential customers to your content. They’re easy to find and customize with apps like Canva or Pablo by Buffer.

You’re running low on time, but your content and images are ready to go. No issues, just schedule your posts and you’re on to the next project. There are many terrific apps for scheduling which also help with social media insights such as Buffer and Hootsuite.

I know you’re running late but take time to respond to questions and comments on your content. Social media is about connection. There’s no better way to gain a loyal customer, one who keeps coming back for your content and your product or service.

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